Sunday, October 23, 2011

Movie Talk on Sundays: the Blog- High School Movies

So I've been playing flag football every Sunday for the last few weeks for my dorm building which is the reason I've missed Movie Talk on Sundays for the past few weeks. Also, because I live in the Eastern Time Zone and MTOS takes place at 3 in the afternoon here.
If you are a reader who does not know what MTOS is, here's the jist: movie lovers get together on Sundays on twitter at 8 p.m. GMT and discuss films. A different blogger hosts each week and each week there is a different topic. Questions are tweeted and everyone jumps in on the conversation with their opinions.
So since I couldn't make it this week and I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, I'm going to blog my  MTOS answers. This week's topic was high school movies and the questions can be found here:
I'm going to answer them quickly and not go into too much detail to try and keep it as close to the real MTOS as possible.
1. Anything by John Hughes. Dead Poets Society. Stand and Deliver. Mr. Holland's Opus. Remember the Titans. Also, I'm a sucker for High School Musical. And The Outsiders. And I really, really hate saying this, but I love Bring it On. (Wow I just keep thinking of more, so many good films!)
2. Does Grease 2 count? Honestly though, Mean Girls is hysterical.
3. Harry Potter (my gosh I wish). But for real, probably Napoleon Dynamite for awkwardness and irreverence.
4. The principals in The Breakfast Club & Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And Neil's parents in Dead Poet's Society. 
5. Molly Ringwald in anything. I love that ginger. And Ferris. Because let's be honest, we all want a friend like Ferris.
6. All the films set in the 80's need to remain that way. I would hate a remake of anything John Hughes touched. Maybe Grease?  That might be interesting. I don't know, I really hate remakes.
7. Does Grease 2 work for this one as well? I honestly don't really watch scary films.
8. I wouldn't say its the worst, but I really don't like Juno. That film tries wayyy to hard to be cutting edge and comes off overdone.
9. Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I just feel so bad for that kid. Plus, it must be hard having Ferris as a best friend sometimes.
10. Bender's fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club. Ferris' speech about life moving too fast. Keating's speech about the beauty of words and poetry in The Dead Poet's Society. Usually any school dance scene in any high school film because that is when all the good stuff happens.

Everyone should participate in MTOS if you don't already, just use #MTOS on Sundays and jump in. I hope I can start doing it again because I hate missing it!

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