Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Think You Should Know Thursday

The artist I care to share with you this Thursday is one that has received a lot of play on my ipod lately: Laura Marling. Laura is a folk singer-songwriter who is known as well for the men she's dated as the music she plays. Her original claim to fame was singing with the band Noah and the Whale (last week's band) while dating the adorable lead singer Charlie Fink. When she broke Charlie's heart (and helped him create beautiful music) she moved onto the Folk God himself Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons who I assume everyone already knows. (If not, then you have seriously been living under a rock this past musical year.) Oh and did I mention that she's only 20?
Laura is one of those artists I love to hate. I hate the fact that she is so young and so talented and the fact that she's broken the hearts of some of the best folk singers England has to offer. (I contemplated yelling, "Screw Laura" at the Noah & the Whale concert I attended over the summer, but I refrained.) At the same time, I cannot possibly hate her because her voice and songs are amazing and worth listening to. Her songs pack an emotional punch and originality that are surprising for someone so young and her voice is much huskier than one would imagine for someone so slight and sprightly. She is definitely a breath of fresh air in the over auto-tuned musical world we live in today.
"I know I said I loved you but I'm thinking I was wrong,
I'm the first to admit that I'm still pretty young,
And I never meant to hurt you when I wrote you ten love songs.
But a guy that I could never get 'cause his girlfriend was pretty fit
And everyone who knew her loves her so.
And I made you leave her for me and now I'm feeling pretty mean,
But my mind has fucked me over more times than any man could ever know."

One of my favorite and most played songs by Laura is "Ghosts" because its one of those songs that relates well to my life. It is also extremely catchy. 
"Presents her with the pictures and says
'These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you
These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you'
Opened up his little heart
Unlocked the lock that kept it dark
And read a written warning
Saying I'm still mourning
Over ghosts
Over ghosts
Over ghosts
Over ghosts that broke my heart before I met you" 

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