Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Dilema: Part II

So I have another film related dilemma. My first one came about as a result of  the last Harry Potter movie because I wanted a great final film experience ( This time is similar, but it has to do with another movie: The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors, his vision is amazing and far reaching and I believe he is one of the most innovative directors around. That is why I want to know nothing about his latest Batman film. It is also the last film of the series, and while I am no where near as in love with Batman as I am with Harry Potter, this series has been fantastic. I want to go into this film the same way I did with Inception, knowing nothing and being totally surprised. That is the one big difference between TDKR and Harry Potter: I read all the Harry Potter books so the only surprises were the director's choices. With this film, I know nothing, especially since I am not a big DC Comics fan.
So tomorrow, when I go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX (which I am actually seeing to see the film, surprise, surprise) I am going to (try to)  leave the theater during the six minute TDKR prologue. It will be impossibly difficult especially since I'm going with my dad and he will be busting to talk about it with me. I've already threatened him if he even thinks about spoiling it. Walking back into the theater and hearing the buzz and trying to not over hear conversations is also going to be ridulously hard. Part of me wonders if it is even worth it. There are people on twitter who have joined with me in solidarity so that helps a bit, but there are more people who want to know than don't.
My biggest thing is, why don't people want to be surprised? What is so fun about knowing everything about a film before it comes out? Granted, Nolan is great at hiding things from his fans, but this is the first six minutes of the film. At the same time, I am one of those people who cannot help but read everything. So I see both sides and I am incredibly torn. I want to see this film so badly and July seems so far away that this first teaser will help me last until then.
You can only see a movie for the first time once. You will never have that first viewing experience again. I know that. So I am going to try my hardest to leave the theater. Suddenly that no longer seems easy. I am not making any promises this time like I did with Harry Potter. I have always known that I have a spoiler problem and I have been trying to change that but with the internet and twitter it is a constant struggle.
I would love to know some other opinions about spoilers. What are you guys doing about TDKR prologue? What are your feelings on spoilers in general? How do you avoid them?