Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Think You Should Know Thursday

Today's artist I think you should know is M. Ward who I first discovered as part of the duo She & Him; the "She" being the lovely and talented Zooey Dechanel. He's a singer-songwriter with a melodious voice. He is one of those singers that doesn't need many bells and whistles, he sounds great just with a guitar. 

"'Death is just a door'"
Blake said it first
It's just another room we enter
It's the threshold that hurts"
"I say, 'death is just a door
You'll be Reunited on the other side'
It's alright
'Death is just a door
You'll be reunited bye and bye'" 
She & Him is much more pop-ey and joyful. Its the kind of music that you should listen to driving around California with the sunroof down while wearing an awesome pair of shades.
 "Old habits die hard
When you got, when you got a sentimental heart
Piece of the puzzle and you're my missing part
Oh, what can you do with a sentimental heart?"

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