Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movie Talk on Sunday: the Blog -Animation

So I missed MTOS again. This is getting rather annoying. Good news though, I'll be around next week because I'm hosting! This week was an interesting topic with really creative questions. Also, there are some amazing movie shirts and posters on this site:
Once again, I'm going to blog the answers because I hate being out of the loop!
1. I see benefits to both. I think I'm more impressed with traditional animation, but the things they can do with computers today are amazing.
2. Aladdin. Lion King. Beauty & the Beast because I'm the most like Belle, just give her a book and she's happy. And Anastasia, the animation is still really good on that film.
3. Ooh tough one. 1 started the series so I have to go with that one. So many memorable lines. 3 is a solid second, so many emotional scenes!
4. No, I think that despite how good technology is getting there are still limitations to animated performances. Especially emotion-wise.
5. I loved how you can see every hair on Sully in Monsters, INC. so definitely that one. Same goes with the superhero costume fibers and hair in The Incredibles  And for when it came out like I said before Anastasia had great animation, you could see every footprint as she walked in the snow.
6. So many to choose from: Aladdin, Genie, Dmitri (Anastasia), Sully & Mike,  pretty much every character from Finding Nemo, Scar (best villain by far)
7. I hope its a fad, but part of me feels like 3D is here to stay. In terms of animated films it does add something extra in some cases.
8. I would like more dark cartoons in the Coraline style, but not sure what book/game that could be, maybe something involving a murderer... Also, I feel like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could be really cool since its already very cartoony.
9. Too. Hard. To. Choose.
Classic Disney- Aladdin
Disney/Pixar-Monsters, INC/ The Incredibles
Non-Disney: has to be Anastasia
Stop-Motion: Fantastic Mr. Fox (I just really had to find a way to include this film, I love it)
10. As Snape would say "obviously" Pixar. I do think Dreamworks has begun to step up their game in the last couple of years as well. Brad Bird, whom I adore. John Lasseter who is also a god.

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