Rating System

Since the name of my blog is called "Snap, Crackle, Pop...Culture"which plays off the slogan of Rice Cripies, for my rating system I will rate my films based on cereal qualities.
Fun fact: Even though I am a self proclaimed foodie, cereal is one of my favorite foods. 
My ratings are as follows: 
No Milk Needed- The highest praise. This is a film that needs nothing to make it great, like Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes can be eaten straight out of the box. (5/5) 
Needs Milk- These are films that could use a little something, like Cocoa Puffs, to make them better, but they're still pretty good on their own. (4/5)

Soggy- Good, but not great. This means the film is watchable, but like soggy cereal, less enjoyable and not so good. (3/5) 
Stale-Bad. You may try to get through them, but it's only because nothing else is on, like when you run out of good, fresh cereal. (2/5)
Oat Bran- The worst of the worst. Potentially not finishable, definitely something you only watch (and eat) once. (1/5)

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