Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Think You Should Know Thursday

This Thursday I think you should know the bubbly Brooklynites Matt & Kim. The band has a do-it-yourself approach to music with a style that stretches across genres, however, they are most known for their upbeat indie-pop sound. The duo have been around since 2005 and have gained small successes from having their music aired on shows such as "Community."
"Daylight" was that song and was a single off their 2009 album, "Grand." It is the only non-rap song on the album and has been used as an advertisement for many video games. It is one of those songs that's perfect for a sunny day like today. The lyrics are not too deep, but it still has a good beat.
"We cut the legs off of our pants
Threw our shoes into the ocean
Sit back and wave through the daylight
Sit back and wave through the daylight"
"Wires" is from the album "Sidewalks" (2010). It has a much more electric sound and a great keyboard and percussion introduction. The lyrics are also a little more meaningful here with a slightly political tone.
"And all my fancy books are just for looks
It drives slowly like this train
Train's been delayed
Take the long way
Figured we'd hop up here"

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