Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Think You Should Know Thursday

This Thursday the artist I think you should know is New York based singer song writer Jaymay. I first heard her on Pandora with one of her more well know songs, "Sea Green, See Blue" and fell in love with her soft, sweet melodies. This week my feelings for her were confirmed when I watched the awesome Happythankyoumoreplease for which she did the score. Her songs are upbeat, but at the same time have an attitude that can only come from New York. Her songs really capture the feelings of love and life that the movie centers on.
"Grey or Blue" is my favorite song by Jaymay from her Sea Green, See Blue EP (2006). It was another one I found on Pandora and didn't realize I liked until I began to listen to the lyrics. Then I went and bought it. At the time I heard this song last year it described pretty accurately what was going on it my life. And while it doesn't any more, it still is great.
"Are you too nervous to be lovers
Friendship's ruined with just one kiss?
I watched you very closely, I saw you look away
Your eyes are either grey or blue
I'm never close enough to say"
"Don't second guess your feelings
You were right from the start
And I notice she's your lover
But she's nowhere near your heart
This city is for strangers
Like the sky is to the stars
But I think it's very dangerous
If we do not take what ours"
"Never Be Daunted" is from Happythankyoumoreplease. It fits the themes of the movie of being afraid of life and love but also of trying to lose that fear. I just love the way she sings in such a clear, earnest voice.

(This video is kind of hokey, but the one with scenes from the film had spoilers)
"What are you so afraid of?
Why are you so scared? 
What's the worst that's going to happen?
Standing in the moonlight
I can tell that you feel doomed
Though nothing is wrong, no nothing"

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