Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Ode to Rose

Ten: Well, I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake
gods and demi-gods and would- be-gods. I've had the
whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing...
just one thing...I believe in her!

Having just finished season 2 of Doctor Who, I feel like I need to defend Rose Tyler. I know a lot of people hate Rose, hell I complained about her for most of the first season for all the stupid things that she did. The thing is, I grew to love Rose for all that she is and represents. Rose is normal. She represents the choices many of us would make if given the opportunity to travel all of time and space; we would all blunder in head first and then need saving later. I may consider myself a tad brighter than Rose at times, but I would probably make some of the same mistakes she did. And you can't say she didn't change; she grew over the seasons from a silly shop girl to one who knew about life and could take action.
Rose was the first one to pull the Doctor out of his shell after the Time War. She had just enough spunk and wit, but also fragility that made him come alive again and gain that spark behind his eyes.  She even stayed with the Doctor through his regeneration and subsequent changes as he grew accustomed to his new body. If that is not a good companion than I don't know what is. Granted, I have only seen Rose and two episodes featuring the lovely Amelia Pond, but Rose, like Nine will always be my first and therefore have a special spot in my heart.
The last episode of the season, "Doomsday" is heartbreaking for a number of reasons. Rose saves the world and how is she rewarded? By being forced to live a ordinary life. After all that she has seen. And it is not only that, but the person she has seen it all with, the incredible man with the changing face who taught her that life could be so much more than she ever imagined. And she can never go back again. That is the saddest part. She is resigned to live her life knowing that the Doctor is out there somewhere and she can never be apart of his adventures.
The lost girl, so far away from home
As for the Doctor, I think he should truly be the 'forever alone' meme because that is what he is. He has all of time and space, but no one to call his own. Rose filled that void for awhile as countless others had and will have. But in the end, they will all leave. That is the burden of the Time Lord.
The image of the Doctor and Rose on separate sides of the universe both staring at the same wall yet so far away from each other was where the tears started flowing for me because she came back. Despite of everything and willing to risk her own life, Rose came back to the Doctor and left everyone she loved behind because she knew she would never be able to go back to living an average life after all she's done and seen. It was worth the risk.
And then it was all over. That is why I am so glad they got to say goodbye. They got the closure we all needed them to have and had  one the of best "I love you" exchanges since Han and Leia.
Anyone who calls Rose Tyler weak is a fool. Daft? Maybe. Leaps before she looks? All the time. But I think she's brave merely for giving this whole thing a go, for leaving the shop and plunging into the unknown. For representing all of us. It makes me wonder what I would do in the same situation.
So onto season three and my first new companion. Allons-y. Goodbye Rose. You will be missed.

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