Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebook 30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 2: Least Favorite Film-The Da Vinci Code
Don't even get me started about his hair.
As an avid reader of Dan Brown's novels I was excited at the prospect of The Da Vinci Code being adapted into a film. I thought it would be a smarter, more mature version of National Treasure. How wrong I was. Tom Hanks, normally one of my favorite actors delivered one of the worst performances of his career. He was wooden and completely uninspired. It was almost as if he was just going through the motions. The same can be said for Audrey Tautou. She and Hanks had no chemistry and the usual joie de vivre that is part of her charm was seriously lacking. I will say that Paul Bettany and Alfred Molina were decent in their roles and provided some of the only engaging scenes in the film.
 Ron Howard who had plenty of material to create a captivating film with seemed to not want to offend anyone and cut out substantial parts of the novel making it neither interesting nor entertaining. Even if there was not a book to compare it to The Da Vinci Code failed to be a good movie in general because of the halting and sometimes confusing way in which it told its story. And despite the beautiful country and settings there was very little that was visually appealing.
Overall, I was very disappointed. The same goes for Angels and Demons, but by that time I expected it to be horrible after seeing how badly Howard and co. messed up the first one. Believe me, I'm not going to waste my money even attempting to see The Last Symbol if it ever gets made. Especially when I didn't even like the book.
Honorable mentions for least favorite film go to pretty much anything starring Katherine Heigl because I despise her  "I'm-a-busy-career-woman-too-stuck-up-to-have-fun-or fall-in-love-but -really-all I-need-is-a guy- to-show-me-the-least-bit-of-attention-and-I'll-fall-in- love-with-him" schtick that she has in every film, although I still haven't seen her in Knocked Up.

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