Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie Talk on Sunday: the Blog-Time Travel

Since #MTOS always happens during the middle of the day here in New York, I tend to miss out on some awesome twitter movie talk. So to throw my two cents in, I will blog my Movie Talk opinion here. Especially since this week was time travel films and I love me a good time travel movie. Movie Talk was hosted by one of my twitter friends @Zack_Parks. The questions are posted here on his website:
1. Back to the Future. Also, the Terminator. But mostly Back to the Future. And I would also say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but just because I have to say Harry Potter. 
2. Obviously sci-fi. It's one of my favorite genres in general.
3. I would want one that would be fool proof so I could get back. Time turners seem pretty good. Also, I would not mind traveling in the TARDIS (not movie related I know, but it is going to be! Plus, I've recently become a Doctor Who fan.)
4. This one's a bit fuzzy, do they have to be in a time travel movie? If so, then definately Doc and Marty. I have an unholy love for Michael J. Fox. Also, I would go anywhere with Sirius Black. Or any of the Harry Potter cast. Or Captain Jack Sparrow. Or Alan Rickman in any role he's ever played.
5. I love 80's things in general. I think that answers this question...It also confuses me. Curses for having to miss MTOS.
6. I love dark, depressing futures ala The Road and Blindness (I'm thinking about the books in both cases, I haven't seen the films). I think it makes more fun, but also scarier at the same time. A bright, happy future would be boring.
7. The Time Traveler's Wife. Made absolutely no sense in terms of time travel. I like when films make rules and then stick to them.
8. Hershey's chocolate bars, kettle corn, and honey mustard pretzels.
9. I would prevent both the book and movie form of Twilight from being created. The world does not need sparking vampires and sickeningly dependent, suicidal females. Also, there are several rebooted movies that I would like to prevent from happening such as the before-Nolan's-even-done-with-his-franchise-Batman. Any Alvin & the Chipmunk film (just saw the preview, kind of want to barf.)
10. 1960's to see the Beatles in the Cavern Club, then 1945 to celebrate V-E Day in Times Square. I would also like to see if dinosaurs really existed. There's so much history I would want to see, but I would be scared to go forward in time. I don't want to see how the world ends.

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