Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Think You Should Know Thursday

This Thanksgiving Thursday the band I think you should know is The Shins. This band may not be as obscure as some of the other artists I have shared, but they are not as well know as they should be. If you know them, it's probably because you heard them on the Garden State soundtrack. Or because you have good taste in music.
The New Mexico indie rock band is known for their catchy, upbeat tunes. There music works well for days of both sunshine and rain because it is mellow while still remaining happy. I'm trying to listen to more happy music since most of my friends tell me my music is too depressing.
"Girl Inform Me" is from the Shin's  first album, Oh! Inverted World. It has a poppy sound without being too sugary sweet.
"Girl inform me all my senses warn me 
Your clever eyes could easily disguise 
Some backwards purpose 
It's enough to make me nervous. 
Do you harbor sighs, or spit in my eye?"

"Kissing the Lipless" is a bit more mellow but with great lyrics. It manages to be beautiful and serious, but also non-depressing.
"Called to see
If your back was still aligned
And your sheets
Were growing grass 
All on the corners of your bed
But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves
It has too much to do with me
And secretly
I want bury in the yard
The grey remains of a friendship scarred"

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