Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moive Talk on Sunday- War Films

I want you to participate in #MTOS
What is Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) you may be asking yourself? Well it is the reason Sunday is the best day of the week. At 20:00 GMT  (3:00 EST, which is me) every Sunday on movie buffs, fanatics, and occasional watchers join together on twitter to talk about different genres of film. A different blogger hosts each week and posts questions for discussion. There are 10 questions, with one posted every 10 minutes.
To get involved all you have to do is go to twitter on Sunday at your designated time and search #MTOS. Make sure all your tweets have that hashtag as well so others can find you and join in on the conversation. Also, be sure to number your answers with A1, A2, etc.

This Sunday I will be your lovely host as we foray into the world of war films. Here are the questions:
1. What are your favorite war films?
2. Is historical accuracy important in war films?
3. What is the saddest scene in a war film?
4. What is a war movie you have not seen but should have?
5. Why do you think we find entertainment in war films?            
6. Who is your favorite actor in a war film?
7. What is the most underrated war film?
8. What is the most memorable scene in a war film?
9. Who is your favorite war film hero?
10. What is a war that deserves more attention in cinema and why?

Hope to see you all Sunday. Over and out!

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