Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie Talk on Sunday-Gangster Films

I seem to constantly forget that it's Sunday over here on the east coast, so sadly, once again I have missed #MTOS. I would like to say that once winter break comes around I will definitely participate, but I usually work Sunday afternoons. I really, really do hate missing movie talk though. Also, twitter won't let me go back and see other people's answers so it gets quiet maddening.
The topic this weekend was gangster films, which I love (really what genre don't I like?). The only thing I have a problem with is keeping characters straight; for some reason I always have a difficult time keeping the sides apart in a gangster film, especially since they are usually male centered and based on large groups of similar people.
The questions are listed here: For all of these I'm not sure what counts and what doesn't but here goes nothing:
1. I loved The Departed for the cast, especially Leo's incredible performance and the way it kept me guessing until the very end. I like Reservoir Dogs for much of the same reasons except replacing Tim Roth with Leo. The Town proved to me that Ben Affleck is much better behind the camera than he will ever be in front of it. And. no I have not seen Goodfellas but it one of my winter break goals. I also have not seen any of the Godfathers in their entirety
Really, this guy can direct
2. I didn't like Public Enemies, I couldn't tell anyone in the cast apart from each other beside Bale and Johnny. It was also really boring.
3. Having seen most of the good parts of The Godfather, I can say Francis Ford Coppola. Also, Martin Scorsese did a great job with The Departed. And I'm actually going to say Ben Affleck because his skill as a director really impresses me.
4. Bad guys you can root for. I think that is something interesting about gangster films, you always root for the bad guys over the police. Also, a good plot helps make it more than just a shoot-em-up flick. Humor doesn't hurt either.
Can't not include this film 
5. I love all gangster films set in big cities like Boston and New York. I haven't seen any foreign ones so that could be something interesting to look at next.
6. To myself and everyone else I would say see The Godfather. Since it's my dad's favorite film I've seen almost all of it, but I've never sat down and watched it from beginning to end. It should be everyone's first introduction to the genre.
7. I feel like there is something at the root of gangster films that makes them relatable-that sense of family and loyalty and friendship that is always so important. Also, they are so different from what we experience in our everyday lives, there is a sense of adventure that comes with watching gangster films. I like the suspense and ability to get my heart racing as well.
A totally legitimate gang
8. Can I say the Order of the Phoenix? That was a gang right? I would be afraid to part of any other gang because the leaders are always so cutthroat.
9. The Fenway scene in The Town- such a great heist. Also, the opening scene of The Dark Knight because their are mobsters in that movie so it totally counts.
10. While I loved Jack Nicholson in The Departed, I have to say Michael Corleone. Pacino is ruthless yet charismatic which makes him a great character.
I like how I answered with The Godfather for a lot of these even without seeing the whole film. Gives you a sense of how good it is.

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