Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adventures in Filmmaking: Final Project

This week I have spent a lot of time in the basement of my University's lecture hall in the mac lab editing my final cinema project. The only problem? There are 10 computers and 20 students in my class. There is also more than one cinema class and I'm pretty sure a photo class that uses the lab which means that at any given time there can be up to four people potentially using the computer where I save my footage. Several times I went down to the lab to find someone else using my computer. It was a frustrating experience.
Editing my film in general was a frustrating experience. I wasn't crazy about the footage I shot; I rushed while filming and my composition was all off. I ended up cutting out a lot of what I shot. I think the thing was, I didn't have enough fun with this project. I wanted to make a documentary-esq film about the floods that devestated the area, but I think I took it a little too seriously.
I ended up taking images of running water at different speeds and then adding sound over it of newscasts, weather reports, and people talking about how the flood effected them. I also relied a lot on what was being said over a black screen which my class responded to during our work in progress meetings.
The process of actually using final cut pro was a process. There are so many buttons, functions, and features that it was overwhelming knowing what I actually wanted my film to look like and then how to make it happen. It was also slightly confusing in the beginning since as always it was a trial by fire type situation rather than my professor teaching us exactly what to do.
Final Cut Pro-In case you've never seen it. I hadn't until a week ago.
Also not being proficient in using a mac, it took me awhile to figure out that the command key comes in handy for pretty much everything and the control key is actually used to copy and paste. Finding the zoom out key also saved my life because trying to cut small scenes was impossible when the editing timeline was very small. (The timeline is the thing on the bottom of the image above where the smaller images are shown.)
The part I had the most fun with was playing with the sound; this film I used a lot more audio than visual and I really tried to play around, slowing it down and speeding it up to match the images.
I'm going to try and figure out how I can somehow save my film and potentially upload it on youtube because I would love to get some opinions on it. I am extremely over critical of my own work and as of right  now, having looked at the footage so much during editing I really cannot say that I like what I have done. I'm also putting a lot of pressure on myself because I've gotten such good feedback from my professor so far that I really wanted my last project to show my growth. I'm just hoping he likes it and that I am just being too harsh on myself as always.

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