Monday, December 12, 2011

Adventures in Filmmaking: Final Thoughts

My Intro to Film & Video Production class is officially over and I have mixed feelings about the entire experience. I really liked taking the class, but the actuality of it was problematic at times. Yes, I learned things; before this class I didn't even know what a super 8 camera looked like or how to turn on a mac, but I learned.
I really liked the hands on aspect of the class, the ability to hold the cameras in my hand and find my own vision. Finding my voice through the medium of film is a way I have never thought of expressing myself before. I liked the opportunity to take a break from classes that involved reading and studying and to be able to just "do." I also really enjoyed the editing process, especially the old fashioned cut and paste kind. 
 I just wish my professor taught me more. The class was a lot of "here's a camera, make a movie" type learning which is good for the creative process, but I still feel like I have so many questions especially when it comes to Final Cut Pro and using the mini DV camcorder. There are so many functions I still don't know how to use when it comes to Final Cut, I'm thinking of getting a book and reading up over break so I can learn some more because I still really would like to learn and get better.
As a whole I think the class should have been focused a bit more on the technical aspects of cinema. My professor really wanted us to admire the art of experimental filmmaking, which was nice, but at times I wanted to know more of how rather than the why. 
One thing I did enjoy about the class was watching the work of the other students in my class and giving each other feedback. I liked hearing what others had to say about my films and seeing what they came up with. Everyone had such unique visions and styles, even this early in our development, and it was interesting to see how it changed from project to project. 
Next semester my adventures in filmmaking will continue with Video Making II. I'm slightly sad that this class will be entirely digital considering how much I enjoyed using a super 8 camera, but it is more practical. I hope that I will get to use Final Cut Pro more extensively and comfortably. I am also going to have a new professor so it will be interesting to see how that affects my learning experience once again. I am still going to try and take Filmmaking II somewhere down the line so I can learn how to shoot 16 mm film. 
I am still learning and finding myself and my place in cinema throughout this process so for now my journey is:

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