Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ready to Start

I have been a terrible blogger recently. Usually my New Year's resolution is to write more, but with the new year here I have only written one post. Winter break has kept me busy working which is no change, but it seems to be taking up more of my time than usual since I have had hardly any time for any movie watching or reading. The thing I have been doing a lot of  though is preparing for the future. What a scary term. With three semesters of college left (I can hardly believe it) the real world is quickly approaching. I will be leaving my university armed with only an English degree and a false sense of hope in how the world works. So preparation is necessary.
My preparation comes in the form of looking for an internship in the entertainment industry. It is my dream as I have said before not to make my own films (at least not yet), but to help others in their projects, to be involved in the magic that is movie/television making. So far, I believe I am heading in the right direction of making my dreams come true. Which is terrifying and amazing. After an application and a first round interview I have become a Final Talent Pool candidate for a potential T. Howard Foundation summer internship. I could be placed with one of many entertainment companies as an intern and while nothing is final, I remain cautiously optimistic. This is much further in the process than I ever thought I would get.
Also, via my LinkedIn profile (for those not in the know, LinkedIn is like facebook but instead of connecting with friends you connect with potential employees), someone from Warner Brothers has gotten in touch with me saying they read and like my blog and potentially want me to work on a blogging/social media project (more details to follow if this actually works out). Warner Brothers is one of my favorite studios. Having someone from there say they actually read my blog and like my rating system seems completely unreal to me. I'm just some random girl from barely upstate New York with big dreams and a big mouth. Things like this never happen to me!
Everything suddenly seems like it is going so well, which is weird because I am not used to it. I hate talking about all the good events in my life though because I'm so afraid of jinxing myself. But as of right now, 2012 could be my year. I'm ready.

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