Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here's What You Missed

Since I've been a terrible blogger this winter break, here is a recap of some the movies I've watched in order from best to worst.
1.) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (dir. David Fincher)
This film was amazing, exactly how I knew it would be. I loved the cast, the bleak setting, the cinematography, the music. It had just the right amount of darkness. Rooney Mara was a very different Lisbeth than her Swedish counterpart. There was a power to her performance but also a real vulnerably; here was a girl who had been hurt before and was extremely damaged. Daniel Craig was also exactly how I pictured Blomkvist. I felt that the movie had great pacing and unfolded exactly like the novel and since I couldn't remember everything it made for a great murder mystery.
Review: No milk needed (Fincher never does, that's why he's my favorite director.)
2.) The English Patient (dir. Anthony Minghella)
I was in the mood for a sad love story and this proved to be exactly what I was looking for although not as heart wrenching in my opinion as say Atonement or Titanic. My favorite style of films are non-linear narratives, especially love stories and this was no different. I love the way Minghella weaved the story and created an emotional attachment to the characters. Ralph Finnes was spectacular as always as were the set pieces and costumes that usually go along with a sweeping period piece such as this one. 
Review: No milk needed
3.) Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (dir. Tomas Alfredson)
This film was a great, old fashioned spy flick. Gary Oldman was everything I thought he would be and more; I'm devastated that he was not nominated for a Golden Globe and hopeful that he still has a chance of winning that elusive Oscar. I really liked the color scheme of the film, it had great tones of blues and greys with the occasional pop of color that really made certain set pieces stand out. The film also put Benedict Cumberbatch on my radar which is good because his name seems to be showing up everywhere lately in the casting world. 
Review: Needs milk
4.) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (dir. Eli Craig)
This film was one that I went into with no expectations and came away completely satisfied. It was a hilarious, bloody mess, but in the best way possible. I am in no way squeamish; I do not flinch during Tarantino films, but for some reason this film made me look away and squee like a school girl. I enjoyed 
the film's power to make me slightly scared and grossed out. I also thought Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine had great chemistry. What a horrible set of circumstances for their characters though.
Review: Needs milk
5.) The Sorcerer's Apprentice (dir. Jon Turteltaub)
This was one of those films that happened to start when I turned the television on so I watched it. I have to say I found it cute mostly because of Jay Baruchel and his likable "every-man" character. He had just the right amount of self deprecating humor and sweetness to make him believable. This is also one of those rare films like National Treasure that I did not hate Nicholas Cage in. He was over the top and goofy, sure, but it worked. He was playing a wizard after all. I did appreciate the pop cultural homages to Indiana Jones and Star Wars as well as to the original Fantasia film that this one was inspired from. 
Review: Soggy 
I feel like I can't have only seen five films this break, but these are all the good ones I can remember for now. 

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