Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Think You Should Know Thursday

This Thursday, I think you should know Tegan and Sara, the Canadian band formed by twin sisters of the same names. The girls are best described as intense and brooding; their sound has always been mature, even in their early albums. There is a darkness that seeps from the lyrics giving the listener the thought that maybe these two girls have seen their fair share of the world. Despite all this their sound is not hard. Tegan and Sara may be tough but their vocals are nothing of the sort. They convey their emotions through songs that are heavy hitting, but also lyrical and soft.
"Nineteen" is one of my favorite songs off of their 2007 album The Con. It is a beautiful song that rises and falls along with the strong background instrumentation.
"I felt you in my legs
Before I ever met you
And when I laid beside you
For the first time
I told you
I feel you in my heart,
 And I don't even know you"
"Like O, Like H" is another song from the same album that has great lyrics and an almost chanting beat. Sure to get stuck in your head.
"SOS to my mother
Take the hinges off the door
Oh, oh sugar spell it out like
Like O, like H
In your gut"

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