Monday, August 1, 2011

"You Still Haven't Seen (Movie Title)?!"

I cannot even tell you how many times I have heard that line. Especially as a cinema minor and a self proclaimed "kind of a movie snob" people expect you to see certain films. And when you haven't people tend to judge and/or mock you. So today I am taking matters into my own hands. Today is a new month and the two week mark until I return to school. I plan on putting those two weeks to good use; to watch all of those films I have not seen. There are so many, too many actually.
So here is the plan. Two weeks is fourteen days (wow college must be paying off for me!). In those fourteen days I have left I plan on watching (and blogging about) fourteen movies that I feel ashamed of not seeing. Depending on how these two weeks go I might even extend this little project longer since classes do not start until the 25th of August.
Now, the question is: what films to watch? I have some in mind already: The Matrix, Inglorious Bastards, Memento, and Boondock Saints. Potentially Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy if I can find/borrow it (plus I feel like that is a film you watch with friends). Now, for the rest of the days I need some suggestions. What films is it imperative for me to see? What is your favorite film? Which film changed your life, made you think, laugh, cry...I don't care I just want suggestions. They can be anything, documentary, foreign, I love all genres.  When I get some, I will return with my official fourteen day list.
Tonight I am starting with The Matrix (as of right now, could be subject to change).
Let the movie watching begin!


  1. Looking at the list of movies you want to see over on the sidebar, I'd go with A Streetcar Named Desire for tonight since it'll be on TCM tonight at 9:30 EST.

  2. Not sure which of these you've already seen, but...

    American Beauty is my favorite film, so obviously one I consider a must-see.
    Amelie is just beautiful.
    Once is a superb romance and a musical that doesn't feel like a musical.
    In the Mood For Love is breathtaking.
    The Blues Brothers is tons of fun and a comedy classic.
    Hero is visually stunning.
    Grave of the Fireflies is wonderful and the only movie that has ever made me shed a tear.
    Unknown White Male is a documentary that never fails to get my brain working.
    Groundhog Day, of course. Never heard anyone say they disliked that film.
    25th Hour is in my opinion Spike Lee's best work to date. Great movie.
    The Big Lebowski is hilarious, even if it might take more than one viewing to fully appreciate it.
    Lost in Translation keeps getting better each time I see it. A film filled to the brim with everything.
    Blue Valentine is arguably the best film of last year. Lives up to all the praise it has gotten and has so many memorable scenes.

    And yes, definitely Memento, Anchorman and The Boondock Saints.