Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I Finally Saw...Rango"

So, the first day of my project did not quite start out the way I hoped. My sister wanted me to watch Rango with her, so instead of watching say The Matrix, I decided to make her happy. Fifteen minutes into the film she bailed and I stuck it out, encouraged by friends from twitter.

Rango was not terrible, I think there was just one major problem: I have never seen a Western before. Not 3:10 to Yuma, not Blazing Saddles, nothing with John Wayne. I think the entire film was lost on me (Although I did enjoy the "Attack of the Valkyries" scene ala Apocalypse Now). All of the jokes,  recreations of scenes from famous films, and talk of "spirit of the West" meant little to nothing to me. It was not my style. I found myself dosing close to the end of the film.
Another problem I had with the film is what my dad called "too much Johnny." I love Johnny Depp, truly I do, but lately I have found his acting (or should I say over acting) annoying. He tends to hog the scenes he is in, overshadowing any other actor. When he was mugging it up in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and upstaging Geoffrey Rush I had no problem. That was Johnny in his element, doing what he does best. In Rango, he came off as cartoonish, even though it was an animated film. I did enjoy the other voice work though, especially Abigail Breslin who was adorable and Ned Beatty.
One thing I did like about the film was the music. I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing Hans Zimmer's name in the credits. As always his score was flawless; it managed to be quirky while still traditionally Western sounding at the same time.
I think I may give his film another viewing potentially when I am not so tired and maybe after I've actually seen a Western.
Review: soggy

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