Friday, January 7, 2011

New's Year's Resolution? We'll See...

I'm going to try to make a promise here to write more because really I have no excuse. I love movies. I love talking about them and debating them, and writing about them, I just don't always have the time. So I'm going to try and make the time because It's something that's important to me. Especially seeing as I've seen some amazing movies during my winter break from college including Black Swan, The Fighter, Amelie, and Wristcutters: A Love Story. I wont go back a reblog about all of those because I feel like its time to move on. New year, new movies. (I will say though that Black Swan was trippy, beautiful, and amazing, The Fighter was good but not quite what I expected performance-wise, Amelie was cute and very French, and Wristcutters was amazing, sad, beautiful, and great. Definitely one of my new favorites. Also, I wish I saw Black Swan sooner because I feel like too much was ruined for me.)
But onto the New Year. I still would like to see 127 Hours, The King's Speech, and True Grit so I can really make my Oscar predictions correctly. For the most part I usually follow what other critics think and my gut (which served me right last year in my prediction of my girl Bigelow's win over my friend who thought James Cameron was a lock).
But 2011 looks like a year of incredible and numerous movies. My wallet will not be happy, but the rest of me will be.
So here's to 2011. A year of great movies and hopefully more blogging/ twitter debating (which I would like to get more into as well). 

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