Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Think You Should Know Thursday

So I'm declaring Thursdays "I Think You Should Know" Thursdays here on my blog. Basically this means I'm going to share a song/ artist with you that got it think you should know.
For my first Thursday in honor of the snow/ the plain just cold weather I'm sharing with you Swedish singer Jens Lekman's (pronounced Yens Lickman) "Cold Swedish Winter." This song warrants more than one listen because when my sister first showed it to me it I thought it was too weird/mellow/folkly. But there is something so incredibly sweet about the lyrics. Jens' voice is beautiful and haunting as well. This song is pretty much perfect for sitting inside and watching the snow fall.
(Also, check out "Postcards to Nina," my favorite Yens song about falling in love with a lesbian. Trust me, its funny.)

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