Monday, November 15, 2010

A Note from the Editor & American Idiot

Let me just start out with saying that while yes I am starting a blog, the frequency of the postings will be erratic at best. If you want more of me, check out my twitter (check the links on the side of the page). This is just in case I run out of characters or if I have something really good to say. Its just a way for me to discuss all the random bits of info that pop into my head as if people care and as if people are reading, neither of which are things I care about. I just want to write about what I think.
So I figured my first post should be about American Idiot which I saw yesterday. It was amazing.  Very Rent and Spring Awakening-ey. The sets & dialogue were minimal but it didn't matter, what mattered was the music and the emotions that were evoked. The story was slightly confusing to follow since occasionally it was hard to understand the music but for the most part I got it.
The ultimate for me was finally seeing a Broadway Show with (most) of the original cast. John Gallagher Jr. has been one of my Broadway crushes since I missed him in Spring Awakening. I did however catch him on The Battery's Down which is the ultimate Broadway geek out youtube show that should be watched by anyone who likes theater even in small doses. (check it out!) But it was exciting hearing the people live that I had listened to on the CD.
And the music is amazing. Suffice to say I have not listened to anything but the soundtrack and the original Green Day album for the last few days. And I am not a Green Day fan in any way, shape, or form. I actually used to kind of hate them. The musical gave me a new appreciation for their lyric writing and music. I have a new found appreciation for the band.  My favorite songs were "American Idiot" (of course), "Are We the Waiting," "Give Me Novocaine" (with its awesome war/ explosions scene), and "The Last of the American Girls/ She's a Rebel" (actually it would be easier for me to say the songs I didn't like but I really liked all of them, the only ones I'm unsure about are "Holiday" and "Letterbomb.") The only thing is that I think Gallagher sometimes sounds like Billy Joe Armstrong, which is not a bad thing, it just gets slightly confusing because the 2 CDs (or I guess 3) all sound really similar.
The actors were all amazing as they always are on Broadway. I'm not going  to through naming them all and saying what I liked about each of them but I super liked Johnny, Tunny (who I met and was super nice & cute!), Will, & St. Jimmy (who was a total badass!) and the guy who sang "Favorite Son" which was an awesome song.
Overall, it was a great day and a great play (which yes, I know rhymes.) 
I think that was a successful first post...

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