Friday, November 26, 2010

Deathly Hallows: the review

I'm going to try and make this short since so far my posts seem slightly long winded.
I've seen Deathly Hallows twice now. The first time, I loved it. It was the midnight showing so it was pure adrenaline; I was just in awe of everything. The second time, I went with my sister who has not read any of the books. So if I were to have reviewed this movie after each viewing, they would be very different.
I will say that I liked the movie. The acting was better then ever and like everyone else I was surprised by the acting chops of Rupert Grint. It was weird seeing the characters so old (D. Rad has 5 o'clock shadow at one point). And the cinematography was amazing. The scene when they finally leave the forest and head to the open field where you are temporarily blinded by blue and green literally made me gasp out loud. The locations were stunning and I really tip my hat to Mr. Eduardo Serra.
However, as my sister said, "nothing really happened" in this movie. She asked me if Harry & co. were planning on searching the entire globe for the hocruxes and if they thought they might just find one by chance. This movie is not for the causal fan. You have to be a die hard or at least book reader to really get it. And yes, on the second go round, I did realize how slow it was. There is so much to put into these last two movies, so much to wrap up, and so much time was wasted traveling around the (beautiful) English countryside.
You would think with two movies there would be more explaining my my sister still had many questions for the car ride home (such as: Who is that woman that met them in the graveyard? Who was the young boy from the window? Why did it take the entire movie to find and destroy only one hocrux? All very valid questions I might add).
But despite these issues brought up by my non Potter reading companion, I really did like the movie. As a movie alone I thought it had good elements that made it a good film, not solely a good Harry Potter film.
 The music (not done by John Williams, which at first worried me) was superb. I especially loved the song that Harry & Hermione danced to in the tent (which was a nice scene in my opinion, it added lightness and showed the strength of their friendship. Plus, you can tell they had a blast filming it). Check out the song here
I'm so torn because I really did love it the first time. And I'll admit I cried both times during beginning and end. The beginning because mostly I realized for the first time that "wow, its finally over" and the end for the now widely known Dobby death scene.
I will say one of my favorite parts was the story of the three brothers. The animation was perfection; I absolutely loved the dark/ macabre style it looked like something straight from a Burton film. I literally fan girlishly gahhed during that part of the movie (and was teased for it later).
I also loved 7 Potters scene & the Ministry scene; they were supremely funny. I loved the actors portraying each other which must have been as much fun to film as it was to watch.
One of the most powerful scenes occurred at Grimmauld Place where Hermione remarks "we're all alone" as the screen fades to black. It really represented the tone of the movie and the books and just how much has changed since the beginning of the series.
I could go on for days about the Godric's Hallow scene (liked for the most part), the Voldemort getting the elder wand scene (ehh), new character such as Xeno (loved him!), etc. but I will refrain or else this post will reach from here to Hogwarts.
I'm still so conflicted because I really do see both sides: the die heart love for the purity and emotional impact and the non fan side of  lack of action so an overall consensus cannot be reached. All I know is, it set up the anticipation for Part 2 and in a big way. 
I don't know why I thought this would be a short post, with Harry it never is. Better luck next time I guess.

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