Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can Glee Recover from their "Thriller"?

Don't get me wrong-I'm a huge Gleek. But for some reason, season 2 has been rubbing me the wrong way. I think its because season 1 was Glee's "Thriller" (or St. Pepper, or whatever). Nothing can top it. It was such a surprise and such a success that no one knew what to do with themselves. Hence, we have found ourselves in shaking territory. The question is: how do you top "Thriller"? The answer: you don't. (Or MJ couldn't-RIP, the Beatles however are a different story...)
So here (in no particular order) are my problems with season 2:
1. Too much Shue.
I love Mathew Morrison. Love him. But this season Mr. Shue is getting on my nerves. His whining about "finding himself" and trying to be cool is obnoxious. Stop taking off your shirt (which I actually don't mind that much) and actually do something to help these kids. Also, if you need to stop singing. I know glee club was cool when you did it in high school blah blah blah, but really, its time to stop. You are an adult. It is not appropriate when you dance with your kids.
2. Too Many Guest Stars, Not Enough Time
There are so many people in the cast of Glee already that we hardly know about (Mike Chang anyone?) Then they add the guest stars. This years list has been quite impressive so far and I'm really loving the selection but I feel that there are just sooooo many. Where has John Stamos been? And is Gwyneth Paltrow now going to be another reoccurring (but actually only sometimes occurring) guest star? And they're going to throw Katie Holmes somewhere into this mix? Not to mention the rumors that all of last years guest stars will be returning? Geez, that's a lot of people for a show that only lasts 40 minutes (don't even get me started on commercials)
However, let me say on a random postive tangent how much I love Darren Criss. He along with Chris Colfer has saved the 2nd season for me. And this is not just a Glee crush. I'm a huge Criss fan, I've followed his youtube career and loved him before it was cool. He will always be Harry Freaking Potter to me. (If you don't get that reference please head to this link and watch "A Very Potter Musical" (yes you heard or read me right) But he is great and so was "Teenage Dream" so for that I do tip my (imaginary) hat to Glee.
But back to complaining...
3. One Dimentional Characters
Yes, I know this is a TV show. But I would like some growth. I feel like week after week the glee clubbers learn the same message of acceptance and team work. I want more. I would like to see more growth especially in Rachel (who is weirdly invisible this season and then when shown utterly annoying) and Mercedes who we never get to know much about. This episode especially ("The Substitute") was annoying because it morphed her usual girl power-ey self into a mope complaining about fried potatoes. Not to mention there are still people like Tina, Mike Chang, Sam, Brittany, and Santana who we know little to nothing about. I just like the main cast so much I want to get to know them all as I know say Kurt or Finn.
4. What do they feed those McKinley kids?
Just putting it out there that yes, this is a show but the characters all pick up the songs/dances miraculously fast. And they never practice the songs they are going to do for nationals. Ever. I would just like to see them struggle once and a while. And actually practice/ pretend for a moment that they are a real glee club. I think (as a non-music person) it would be cool to see how a piece is worked on and the different parts/harmonies/etc that go into making it sound so amazing. One episode is all I ask for.
But enough complaining. The show is what it is and I will watch regardless because its still good and the music is still superb. And it has been improving steadily. So I will wait. And while I don't think it can ever reach first season status, maybe one day it will return to the former place of love it once held in my heart.

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