Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is the End, Beautiful Friend
I just watched the last new Harry Potter trailer I will ever see. Already as I type this my hands are shaking and the last remaining tears are streaming down my cheeks. This is it. The end. They have made an amazing final teaser to what is sure to be an outstanding finale to one of the best loved film franchises of all time. And as I sat there (during my second viewing) I thought to myself, "will I ever love a movie as much as I love this one?" Sure there have been many great films in my life. Films that have changed it, films that have made me watch them again and again. But nothing comes even remotely close to the way I feel about Harry Potter. I am crying at a trailer. I have an entire bulletin board in my room dedicated to reviews and articles from every single major New York paper since the second film. This movie and book series has been my entire childhood life. Now I am 20 and the last movie is coming out in less than a month. It feels like my birthday all those months ago meant nothing; July 15th is the real day my childhood comes to an end.
But enough nostalgia and thoughts on growing up. The trailer itself is magnificent. It has everything a trailer should, thrills and action and enough teasers to keep you wanting more. The part where I really lost it is the same scene that gets me in the book every time- Harry walking into the forest surrounded by his parents, Sirius, and Lupin. (I don't do spoiler alert warnings, if you haven't finished the book yet you deserve things to be spoiled for you!) The trailer opens in a way that gives you chills and never lets go. I love the incorporation of clips from the old movies and the words that sets the tone. The score is equal parts eerie and ethereal, it makes a great companion to the images. I also love the depiction of the old locations of the films and the cuts to them being destroyed. Warner Brothers really knows what they are doing. And having seen it four times it a row, it just keeps getting better.
28 days seems like a long time to wait, but at the same time I need it. I will savor these last days of my childhood in order to fully prepare myself for one of the biggest events of my (movie watching) lifetime.

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