Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boom! Goes...Everything

Let me say this from the start: you don't go see Transformers because you want to discuss the long sweeping shots, the intricate character performances, and the moving score. You go because it's summer and you want to see things get blown up. I am a self proclaimed film snob, but at the same time I don't always want to have to think when I see a film (see my thoughts on Pirates 4). Sometimes, you just want to have a fun movie experience. And that is exactly what Transformers: Dark of the Moon was-pure, robot fun.
The thing that makes it so much fun is the action.  I think the best word to use here would be "unrelenting" because once the robots start fighting, they do not stop. Did I think the last scene ran a bit too long? Maybe. But as my dad said, "guys can never get enough of robots beating each other up." Did I enjoy it though? You bet! What really added to the fight scenes was director Michael Bay's use of 3D technology. Many times during the previous two Transformer films I had trouble telling the good and bad robots apart, especially during the fight scenes and especially during the last scene of the second film. In this film, I felt that it was much easier to tell the robots apart while they twisted and spun through the air and buildings and city streets. (Speaking of cities, it was refreshing to see a city besides New York get destroyed for once). The 3D element added another dimension. It made for a cool visual experience, although I feel like comparing it to Avatar is a bit much. 
The story was not bad either. I am a sucker for historical tie-ins and I liked the use of old footage and sound clips combined with new ones. I found it interesting, though how believable it is I'll leave up to you. Although, the premise of the film in general is about giant robots transforming into cars and speaking to humans so plausibility kind of has to be left at the theater door... I for one can believe that the government would hide something of this proportion from us for so long and the fact that we are not the only ones out there. But that's just me.
 The acting performances are nothing to write home about. Shia LaBeouf screams too much and I felt was more unlikable than in the previous two films. The new girl, who's name I can't even be bothered to remember was unmemorable except for her freakishly large lips and remarkable ability to run from a robot invasion in five inch heels. I did appreciate all the digs they made at Megan Fox though. I also liked Leonard Nimroy as Sentinel Prime and all the Star Trek homages they threw in.
Overall, this film was perfect for the summer. Will it win any Oscars? No, probably not, unless it is for tech stuff, but not every film can. Then there would be no point in having an awards ceremony for the best films.
Rating: Needs Milk

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