Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Defense of the Oscars

So as I count the down the seconds to the 83rd Academy Awards I'm am forced to stop and think. As my friends say, "why do you like the Oscars so much?" To me the answer is simple on many levels. First off, its a cultural event. The same way I watch the Superbowl for the commercials even though they are not that much better than any other day of the year is why I watch the Oscars. It creates conversation. Most people, even if they don't care or watch, know who is nominated (at least for best picture) and who they think should win. Watching can create whole dialogues about who wore what, who's speech was too long or brought tears, and how the host(s) did.
Also, I feel that in some ways award shows measure the pulse of the popular culture. The winners don't necessarily represent the best of the category; sometimes it is purely an actor who deserves recognition or one whose career is about to rise. I like to watch so I can say I've seen these moments in the making. Being a female interested in a career in the film industry and seeing Kathryn Bigelow win as the first female director ever last year was an amazing moment of pride. It was history being made and I got to experience it.
For those who say the Oscars are elitist, well yes I agree. But I think that's part of the fun. If you want to watch "Twilight" win all the awards, watch the People's or Teen's Choice Awards. As Aaron Sorkin says, "elite is not a bad word, it's an aspirational one."  Yes, it is a bunch of old men voting on the best movies for  and yes they probably all didn't understand "Inception" and yes movies that people have actually seen like "The Hangover" will never be nominated but that is what the Oscars is and what it always had been. Film making is art. Most people forget that because it is such an integral part of our lives. Awards shows celebrate the art that is film making.
Lastly, I love the tradition and old school Hollywood feel that comes with each Academy Awards. To me there is something magical about watching women in gorgeous dresses and men in fabulous tuxes walking the red carpet and hanging out at the most fabulous party of the year.
So tonight I will sit back and unashamedly over- tweet. I will squee when my predictions come true and heckle when they don't. I will go gaga over anything Natalie Portman wears. I will love every minute of it and ignore all my friends who don't understand because this is my Superbowl. 

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  1. I really like this post.
    My friends convey the same sort of emotions to me about the Oscars, but I still will always watch it, and love it.

    My only problem is with Miss. Bigelow (sorry if I misspelt her name). She should not have won best director. JC should have for Avatar. He had to wait for technology to catch up in order to capture his image. He did a great job and that film is superb. No problem with The Hurt Locker winning best picture. It was an excellent film.